Opal Outlaw

Stylized Collections

Magnificent Majesty


Embrace yourself in your Essence

With Outlaw Magic

We are fluidity in movement

Stand your ground

Realize your worth & it's Impact

Speak with all the voices of the Mountain

Take Up Space

Unleash your Majesty

Lean into what challenges you

Embrace the Beast within

Celebrate Life

Release your effervescent Beauty

You are Magnificent You Majesty

Hand crafted pieces created with magnificent and majestic intentions. Each stone cultivated and hand selected to unlock and inspire higher desires while connecting the wearer with their royal ancestral lineage. Blessed by the Divine and created by my own two hands. Thank you for the opportunity to create & express. I am eternally grateful to all that have contributed to make this dream into my reality. Thank you, Enjoy! -Opal

Royal Blood

Royal Blood


It is my mission and pleasure to adorn and celebrate the miracle of life; the human body! I am so grateful for my life I love to celebrate all the magical experiences life brings my way! Its been a journey to be able to say I am enough, and I have the power to make my dreams come true! I want us all to feel this way! That’s my message to this universe: You Are ENOUGH! You were born enough, and you’ll always be enough! Let’s celebrate you!

  • Most Wanted Ind.

Imma babe out West who creates jewelry; blades; beautiful images; beat poetry; and so much more! Making art; bringing out nature's beauty spreading love and light!